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Indications for Surgery
Clinical Features
Conservative Treatment
Indications for Surgery
Operative Treatment
Isthmic Spondylolisthesis
Intraoperative Monitoring
Starting from August 2007, we are performing all pedicle screw surgeries with the use of Inomed special instrumentation for pedicular screw monitoring.


Indications for Surgery

The following indications must meet criteria for surgical treatment:

1. Presence of mobile spondylolisthesis usually, higher than grade I by Meyerding and isthmolysis, unilateral or bilateral.
2. Progressive deterioration within months with failure of conservative measures.
3. Presence of neurological deficit, which usually manifested by weak dorsiflexion of all toes either foot with LBP.
4. The dynamic X-rays showing some grade of mobility in flexion and extension.
5. MRI of the lumbar spine must be performed, to plan preoperatively, eliminate all the causes of pain or neurological deficit.
6. Detailed discussion with the patient, about the pros & cons and possible complications, after such procedures.
7. Psychological and litigational conditions, must be overweighed, before attempting such procedures.




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